Who Is Who


Lady Sukarno, widow of the late President of Indonesia, is the International Vice Chancellor of our Chivalric Orders and one of the world wide known TV personality of Japan where she organizes our Imperial Byzantine Charity Ball, a premium social event in Tokyo as the press describes it, and where she has dedicated her life to the betterment of humanity.


Imperial Byzantine Charity Ball in Tokyo (Japan) organized every year since 10 years, by Lady Sukarno and attended by many hundreds of personalities, ambassadors etc. The Ball benefits the Japanese Red Cross Society and the Association for Aid and Relief.



October 2005,

Lady Sukarno, attending the State ceremony in Pyongyang, on the 40 years anniversary of Kim II Sun Flowers





Donation in Pakistan:

By Pakistan Red Crescent Society of 2556 blankets and 3500 warm clothes to victims of earthquake in Cassimere