Succession Document (En)

Succession in English 

The Imperial and Royal House of de Vigo Aleramico Paleologo

Act of Dynastic Succession, 1999

The decisions taken today by Us, His Imperial and Royal Highness Prince Henri III de Vigo Aleramico Paleologo and assented to by Our Consort, Her Imperial and Royal Highness the Princess Francoise, as by our signatures expressly set at the foot of the present document having all the effects of Law, aim to ensure the succession and, hence, the continuity of Our millenary Imperial and Royal Dynasty of Constantinople, the New Rome, Byzantium, or rather the Holy Roman Empire of the East.

The Imperial Family is actually divided in various branches, all important, whether those derived from the Vigo Aleramico Paleologo in the male line or the female line.

In fact according to the Laws of Our Royal House, all those members of such branches, who shall be so chosen or who however have that right, may exercise the various dynastic prerogatives.

As things actually now stand, we have two male branches that of the head of our family branch, Prince Henri III, and that from which is derived Our Cousin, Prince Enrico IV, son of our paternal Uncle, the deceased Prince Giuseppe, as well as three female branches, descended from Our paternal Aunts, that is, the Maranzana, the Morello and the Spera together with their respective descendants and alliances.

Unfortunately, there are excluded, the descendants of our deceased paternal Uncle Prince Francesco who renounced all the rights of his succession and also those of His descendants. However, as decided by our deceased Father, Prince Cesare, they have the hereditary Title of Prince, in the Primogeniture line male and female.

Naturally, the succession falls on Us, Prince Henri III, who has two daughters, one, the Princess Marisa with her children, in order of date of birth, Prince Giorgio, Princess Tiziana, Prince Mario and Princess Rosella; and the other daughter, Princess Gabriella with her daughter Princess Tiziana.

Prince Giorgio has a son, Prince Gianluca, who therefore is actually Our only great-grandson.

Since we must ensure the continuity of our Dynasty for the longest distant in time possible it has seemed just and wise to Us to choose Prince Gianluca I as Our legitimate Successor and Head, and hence Head of Our Royal Family with all the relevant Prerogatives.

Should Prince Gianluca I not have any Heirs, the succession shall fall back on his father, Prince Giorgio and eventually on his other children, or, in progressive order, upon Prince Mario, Princess Tiziana, Princess Rosella and upon Princess Tiziana, daughter of the Princess Gabriella.

If none of the above mentioned should have any descendants male or female, the succession shall belong to the daughters of Prince Enrico IV and their descendants.

In case of the extinction or renouncement of such line the right of succession shall belong to, in order of primogeniture, to the descendants of the Marazana, the Morello or to the Spera.

Until Prince Gianluca I reaches the age of majority, Prince Enrico IV shall continue to be the Prince Heir-presumptive, and shall exercise all the powers belonging to the Head of the Royal House, including the “Fons Honorum” and the Grand-Mastership of the Dynastic Orders but submitting every act of His to the irrevocable decision of the Princess Francoise, who is the sole person who has the necessary experience and knowledge of the legal precedents, polices, both administrative and organizational, without which it would  be impossible to continue and develop the various activities, including those philanthropic and cultural.

The Princess Francoise shall continue to exercise full powers for all final decisions for every act of policy, administrative and organization, including those of the Dynastic Orders and their financial resources which she shall dispose of in a proper manner, until Her demise or until she contracts a new marriage, independent of the fact that Prince Gianluca I would have reached the age of majority or that others would have assumed the functions and prerogatives of Head of the Royal House.

This predominant and exceptional role of the Princess Francoise has the sole scope to ensure that even after Our demise everything shall continue as we started and willed, respecting the ecumenical character of Our Institutions and continue the various activities according to the lines We have laid down, in the best interest of Our Dynasty and respecting Our History and Our Traditions.

Read, confirmed and undersigned, in full lucidity of mind and in full possession of all physical faculties, to-day this fifth day of the month of June in the Year one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine (5-6-1999).

Prince Enrico III de Vigo Aleramico Paleologo

(there follows the signatures of Their Imperial Highnesses Prince Henri III and Princess Francoise, as well as the testimony of the Notary with whom this Act was enrolled)


Translated into English from the original text in Italian by Chev. Baron Dr. Joseph A. Camilleri, Grand Cross of the Order of the Cross of Constantinople: (2nd. October, 2006) Malta