SAN JOSE COSTA RICA – Convention of 15 to 25 February 2010

Our Grand Master, H.I.H. Prince Henri Constantine III Paleologo was very pleased to invite members of his Orders to this magnificent Convention in San Jose Costa Rica, organized by Lady Grace Carvajal Dame Commander for Costa Rica as well as his daughter Aude Leroy Beaulieu.
Some arrived by plane from across Europe, however Prince Henri and Princess Françoise arrived by boat from Fort Lauderdale to cruise down to Puerto Limone who were received by Lady Grace. They were at leisure to go through to San José the Rain Forest and all this beautiful nature with all kinds of vegetation and animals. They passed through plantations of coffee, pineapples, bananas, avocados and many rivers that adorn this wonderful and welcoming country in Central America, the land of flavours and aroma and surprisingly everything is where everything has been kept in the taste of the past.
Our convention began with a visit to the hospital Gerontology San Jose where we were received by Dr. Morales, the Director of the hospital, who explained his “Mission.” Orders have been very pleased to offer this hospital, wheelchairs for the disabled.
Lady Grace, Prince and Princess visited the hospital and were so touched by the children, who were so numerous and came from throughout Costa Rica for treatment, is very sad and comforting to see that their mothers is near to them and that many doctors under the guidance of dr. HERNANDEZ provide them with all necessary care.
In the same hospital his Holiness Pope John Paul II came a few years ago.
That evening we opened our convention and we found out and surprised that Lady Pascale, young and pretty, to have a very large coffee plantation and many companies and also reviving an old farmhouse dated XVIII.
Our visits were accompanied by police escort so that we do not lose time travelling because of the large traffic. Visited the City of San Jose, the Gold Museum, Opera, etc … Cathedral;

For our second evening we were guests of Lady Grace, who received all Members in her superb villa with a giant paella. Guitarists accompanied us throughout the evening.
The Tour continued with a visit to the famous volcano near Cartago, Irazu, but because of the altitude of 3000m. It was very cold. We were rewarded by visiting the beautiful Orchid garden which was quite exceptional.
In the evening, a wonderful Mexican dinner was given, served by best Mexican at the house of Aude. A typical orchestra accompaniment with Marimba music and everyone danced until late.
The day after Prince Henry was to inaugurate the National Park quipos Antonio on the Pacific coast, the prince got to know that the Commander Wim Pichal a little boy who had to come specially to meet the Prince was not present, so he was very disappointed.
Everyone came back felt very happy by this visit because they had the privilege and great joy to swim in the Pacific.
Commander Pichal gave gifts and a wonderful book about this park to the Prince who was very happy.
On Friday, everyone prepared for the inauguration of new members to the Cathedral Basilica del Sagrario sacred and mystical because Costa Rica is Catholic, have friendly people, so happy with a new culture which is still not damaged by other civilizations so greedy superfluous. We love Costa Rica and the Costa Ricans. It should be noted that the country has no army so the funds that should have been allocated for the army is instead allocated for education and health.
After all members and guests went to the Union Club, the Prince and Princess inaugurated the exhibition of the painter Gustavo Duque. On arrival to the club, they were met by the Ambassador of Belgium with his wife who also wished and welcomed the Belgian delegation headed by Commander Jaspers. A gala dinner followed, and the Club President and his very lovely wife made us the joy of talking about this club and he explained what was meant by the beautiful painting that occupied the whole of the wall on the ground floor. This painting was four beautiful women who represented Costa Rica – Honduras, Guatemala, and San Salvador, to our surprise not Panamanian.
The evening went great and the music ended when all South Americans dancing to the beat.
The next day another surprise awaited us at home by Deborah Formal and all Members were invited. The house surprised us all by its dimensions, its waterfalls and through such spectacular surroundings, when suddenly, we heard a wonderful voice, so pure and strong in both a crystalline voice, that voice so unique we had heard earlier during the inauguration of Dame Pascale Chambolle-Tournon HICKSON, Sir Knight Robert Knight Mayer and Gustavo Duque, the day before at the Cathedral of San José, singing the Ave Maria was so deeply affected all present. An Argentine Dinner is another South American country that could not rejoice even more.
The next day we had to leave, some stayed a few more days because it is very difficult to leave a country as attractive.
The Prince and Pr