MALTA – Chev. Grand Cross George Bonello DePuis – d.7th April 2014

Member of the Order Council for the last 20 years. His position in Council was that of Almoner. God grant him eternal rest


MALTA – Chev. Grand Cross Paul Debono – d.

Member of the Order Council for the last 15 years. His position in Council was that of Custodian of Insignia. God grant him eternal rest



MALTA – Chev. Grand Cross Antione Pace Bonello – d.

Member of the Order Council for the last 20 years. His position in Council was that of Bailiff. God grant him eternal rest


FRANCE – H.I.R.H. Prince Henri Constantine III De Vigo Aleramico Lascaris Paleologo – d. 10th November 2012

The funeral of the Order’s Grand Master HIRH Grand Master Prince Henri Constantine III De Vigo Aleramico Lascaris Paleologo was celebrated on Thursday the 15th November, 2012 in Cannes, France.

Below is the speech read out during His funeral in Cannes and also during a Mass in His Honour in Malta

Prince Henry speech – 15.11.2012

Today, we have gathered together to mourn the loss of our dear Prince Henri Constantine Paleologo, not only the Grand Master of our Order Byzantine, but sweet husband and adored, our mentor, brother, father, grandfather, and our friend to us all.

Prince Henry, native of Genoa, Italy, was a direct descendant of the Imperial House of Byzantium – which made him not only a pretender to the throne, but also gave him the rights and powers which the hereditary inspired his life and urged him to carry out its mission – Byzantine mission he realized only first and then in the order which he had Byzantine legacy he updated in order to spread good in the world.
After studying in Milan, our Prince served valiantly in his native during the Second World War as commander supporter in Brigade Manzini, and are distinguished by his courage and military strategy, he was decorated for his achievements.

After the war, Prince Henry was not satisfied with its activities in international trade for which his studies in economics and political predestined, but launched, especially through its Byzantine Order of which he was the Grand Master, weave a web around the world, creating commanderies on all continents to support and spread his great mission which he had made his own: help the needy.

His frequent trips gave him the opportunity, its personal gain means. He has established the ‘Byzantine Imperial Ball regularly held in different countries, he organized with representatives of the Order on site and whose profits went directly to the charities chosen and present at the event: orphanages, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and humanitarian causes varied. He personally investing in the organization of the Order and its manifestations, it was enjoyed by all who had the honour and happiness to rub his greatness of mind and heart. Learned man, speaking and writing six languages fluently, a huge charisma, he evoked the admiration in each of us. He was not a prince on glossy paper, instead, was present, always listening to, he appeared active at all times, he could share and pass, he could gather around him Knights, friends, knowledge and even unknown to the great cause: do good around us.
His efforts were appreciated wherever his mission led him, and it was received with all the honours and decorated worldwide. Apart from the Henry Dunant Medal International Red Cross, he had, among other things: from His Eminence, Monsignor Athenagoras, Order of the Patriarch of Constantinople; hands of Monsignor fire Kyprianos Patriarch of the Order of Saint Mark; he was the Royal Protector of the Order Mystique of St. Peter; he received the Gold Medal Hospital of the City of Athens; he received the Medal of Consular Congress in Washington; he was appointed Honorary Governor in several U.S. states and was made Goodwill Ambassador by several Third World states including social organizations who have benefited from collection he had organized for them.

Prince Henry had taken up residence in France while moving frequently and at 37 years, he married our dear Princess Françoise: he was her Prince and Great Lover. They were a wonderful couple and very happy. He came to retire on the Cote d’Azur, where the sun shone for him and he loved to stroll on the Croisette, there ended his days.

A friend of ours (present here) was able to express what we all feel: “After months of great suffering you managed to quiet rest. Life is like that – loop is closed. I had the opportunity to share with you that joy and friendship. Far from any constraint, vicissitude family or professional. Our meetings were not that fun. It is the memory wonderful moments We spent together.

God welcomes our dear Prince Henry, who throughout his life was able to defend the poor and under privileged and freedom and equality for everyone.

MALTA – H.E. Chev. Grand Collier Maj. Joseph L. Bonnici (d. 18th. August, 2012)

HIRH Grand Master Price Henri and Princess Francoise together with Malta’s Council sadly announce the death of H.E. Grand Prior and International Grand Chancellor Chev. Grand Collier Maj. Joseph L. Bonnici GC.OCC of Malta on the 18th August, 2012 He was the founder of the Order in Malta and will be missed dearly Internationally.


GERMANY – Baron Sir Mag. Edgar WAYMAN (d. 30th. August, 2011)GERMANY – Baron Sir Mag. Edgar WAYMAN (d. 30th. August, 2011)

Roman Catholic Cross HIRH Grand Master Price Henri and Princess Francoise together with Malta’s Council and the Governor H.E. Chev. Grand Collar Joseph Bonnici GC.OCC sadly announce the death of Baron Sir Edgar WAYMAN Baron of Castletown, Germany on the 30th August, 2011

BELGIUM – Chev. Louis DE COCK (d. 20th. August, 2011)

HIRH Grand Master Price Henri and Princess Francoise together with Malta’s Council and the Governor H.E. Chev. Grand Collar Joseph Bonnici GC.OCC sadly announce the death of Chev. Louis De Cock of Belgium on the 20th August, 2011. He was a member of the Order of The Grand Sovereign Dynastic Hospitaller Order of Saint John – Knights of Malta – Commandery of Tarragone, Spain.

MALTA, Sliema – Chev. Salvu Diacono (d. 21st. May, 2009)

HIRH Grand Master Price Henri and Princess Francoise together with Malta’s Council and the Governor H.E. Chev. Grand Collar Joseph Bonnici GC.OCC sadly announce the death of Chev. Knight Commander Salvu Diacono. He passed away on the 21st May, 2009 in Sliema, MALTA

SPAIN, Salomo – Count Oswald Voorbraeck (d. 2nd February, 2009)

“I well remember the time that Terence McCarthy, who was then, Bluemantle Pursuivant at Her Majesty’s College of Arms in London, travelled with Princess Monique King de Santorini and myself, to Mas Baronat in Salomo. He brought with him a letter from the Duke of Kent wishing us well for the occasion, which included an investiture by His Imperial and Royal Highness Prince Henri III Paleologo accompanied by his illustrious consort, Her Imperial and Royal Highness Princess Francoise. Amid the sumptuous surroundings of his palatial residence, Count Oswald Voorbraeck de Salomo, hosted guests from all over the world, including the USA, Malaysia and many parts of Europe. As ever, the impeccable ceremony held in the chapel in Count Oswald’s grounds, conducted by His Imperial Highness, brought tears to the eyes of all those privileged to be present. This was inevitably a not to be forgotten occasion for all who attended, and was a magnificent tribute to the generosity and nobility of our esteemed friend and fellow member of the Orders of Saint George and Saint John, the late Count Oswald. We will always remember him fondly and with a warm memory of this most auspicious event held in his magnificent Castle in Salomo.”

Baron Richard and Baroness Alyson Lawrence

“Count Oswald Voorbraeck died after a long period of illness. He stayed some time in Antwerp but before Christmas of the year 2008 he went back to Salomo in Spain to stay closer to his family. Together with Katia, we will all miss him dearly.”

Sir Wim Pichal Knight – Commander Secretary of the Commandery

USA, New York – Baroness Estelle Kornberg (d. 19th January, 2009)

The baroness Estelle Kornberg and her late husband Baron Jack did found many years ago the USA Chapter of Our Orders and they were the most actives Members developing it in all the branches of charities and culture. They helped all the people who needed and to do it, they travelled at her own expenses in all the world.

Everybody admired and loved them and even his holiness the Pope did welcome them as Brother’s. As you will understand it is for us like we have lost a Member of Our Family and we are all very sad therefore, we hope that also the new Members of Our Orders will learn, to remember their Memory and follow the example.
May God bless you dear Estelle and dear Jack.

Grand Master Prince Henri III Paleologo


ITALY, Roma – Prince George Cassetta Paleologo (d. 17th march, 2008)

The Imperial and Royal House Paleologo of Byzantium is very sad to announce that the beloved Nephew of Prince Henri III and Princess Francoise Prince GEORGE CASSETTA PALEOLOGO passed away in Rome last March 17, 2009.

He was a person of great culture, generosity, intelligence and activity and even in the last year when we were appraised by his failing health he did always help the people in need.

He lives to mourn his Mother Princess Maryse, his Wife Countess Ivana, his Son Prince Gianluca and his Sister Countess Tiziana.

We shall never forget Him. R.I.P

USA, New York – Sir YUKI YAO (d. 2nd January, 2008)

We are very sad to announce that our dear Friend and Member Sir YUKI YAO passed away on January 2, 2008 in New York and after the Memorial Service he was taken to Kobe, Japan and placed next to his Mother and Father.

He was a famous haute couture designer having a great success in all the World ,a very generous person and everybody admired his charity shows by which he did support poor people and children in various Continents.

We shall never forget him!

MALAYSIA – Count Sigamoney (d. October, 2006)MALAYSIA – Count Sigamoney (d. October, 2006)
Count Sigamoney Count Sigamoney, a very good member from Malaysia, past away last October 2006.
He was a Malaysian Indian and come from a Roman Catholic background.  He lives to mourn his wife Countess Datin Helen and his tree children. Count Sigamoney, was popular and successful in his business and did a lot of good for Mankind .
May he rest in peace.
Princess Francoise Paleologo

USA – Countess dr. Pauline Farell de Milos (d.12th December, 2005)

Even if, unfortunately, it was not possible for us and the many friends of the Countess Pauline de Farell de Milos to attend the Memorial Mass which was held last January, 27 at St. Ambrose Church in Los Angeles, we are all near the Countess Pauline by our prayers and we feel that she is also near us because even if it is sad to lose a relative or a friend we know that we shall meet them again when God will decide the Resurrection of Mankind. Countless Pauline de Farell de Milos was a very special person and we were all enchanted by her grace, charm, generosity, intelligence and activity. She was a very active Member of the Grand Magistry of our Chilvaric orders and even in the last years when we were appraised of her failing health, she did always help the people in need and thought her conversation, writing and speeches she did always made a contribution to our world.

We shall always pray for her and we shall never forget her. R.I.P.

Prince and Princess Paleologo


We are all deeply saddened at the loss of such a wonderful Brother as the late Grand Chancellor Marquis Victor Castillo, who was the Founder of the Constantinian Order of St. George Association in Malta twenty-five years ago.

He served as Chairman of the Association for twenty years until he retired due to health reasons. He had dedicated most of his life towards humanitarian causes. A man of great culture and a perfect gentleman to whom the Order owes a great deal for his untiring service during his life. He will be remembered with great respect by the Imperial Royal House De Vigo Aleramico Paleologo and his Institutions.