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Without any doubt Byzantium, its history and its protagonists will continue to capture the fascination of many scholars even in our time and the most cultured and honest amongst them, have substantially contributed to bring the truth out from certain legends, re-establish the truth of the facts and sensationally deny those, that, even today, are ignorant notwith standing all the displayed academic titles and still persist maybe against payment or for other interests, to ignore the fact that the Imperial Dynasty of Paleologo is very much alive present and active in our days.

We will mention Prof. Peter Mallat, from Vienna, and Dr Charles A. Gauci, of Malta and London, who have dedicated years of work to their researches on the Byzantine History, publishing, amongst others, the very interesting “THE PALAELOGOS FAMILY”, in which many pages and photographs are dedicated to Prince Enrico III. All this in addition to the important articles published on the main magazines in all the world, including the “ADLER” magazine of Vienna that acquires particular importance for the reason that it is practically the main official Magazine of the Austrian Hungarian and German nobility.

Dr. Gauci is also the author of numerous works on heraldry and genealogy, like “The Genealogy and Heraldry of the Noble Families of Malta”, “A Key to Maltese Coat of Arms”, “A Guide to the Maltese Nobility”, and many other books and articles that have made his name famous, and this year, 1992, , has appeared the second volume of 505 pages, of the already mentioned “The Genealogy and Heraldry of the Noble Families of Malta” where there is a list, with the emblem reproduction and the description of their origins, of all the noble Families of Malta.

It consists of a work that has the official character of a Golden Book of the Maltese Nobility and as far as it concerns us we note that some of these Families have had their Titles bestowed or confirmed by H.I.H Prince Enrico III as indicated in many of the pages, quoting also the recognitions obtained from the Prince and even mentioning that the same Prince, during a recent visit to the Island was officially received by the President of the Republic.



The author of this publication, Dr. Pensavalle de Cristofaro, has unfortunately died before the arrival in 1985 of the news from Val d’ Aosta that a book published by the Editor “Imprimerie Vald6taine” confirmed in a sensational manner his thesis that the so called” Constantinian Order” “bought” by the Duke of Parma and sold to him by a false “Prince” Giovanni Andrea was instead a very false Order, invented out of nowhere by a cunning adventurer.

The author of that book “Des Anges et de St-Georges”, Prof. Marthe Jans, journalist, expert in foreign languages, teacher, and author of numerous volumes and articles, has ded虹cated years of untiring work and exhausting trips, in Italy, in Germany, in Austria and in Hungary, together with Prof. Marcel Jans, ex President of the French Association of University Action, in search of the truth, unknown or hidden by many historians in the pre赳ious centuries and even in our times, who did not want to admit that the Duke was cheat苟d and that the much pursued and slandered Prince Giovanni Antonio de Lalais Lazier was in fact the legitimate descendent of the Byzantine Emperor.

This book, that received press coverage both in Italy and internationally, as well Radio and Television, has ensured that the truth would finally come to light and in fact nobody could or has dared deny it. Such is the importance of this revelation, in this documented in depth study that could be read like a romance since the style is really worthy of great writ苟rs, that the Regional Government of the Valle di Aosta has published it out of its own pock苟t and has distributed it in all the schools and public offices. The book proves beyond any doubt that the Prince Giovanni Antonio Lascaris Paleo logo in 1720 directed from Vienna, where he was the guest of the Emperor, the true Constantinian Order of Saint George, bestowing it to eminent personalities like the Prince Cantacuzeno, Plindnaicher, Minister Plenipotenziary of the Holy See, von Paluska, Magnate of Hungary, von Hauer, imperial Plenipotenziary at the Conclave of Benedetto XIII etc. etc. He bestowed also noble Titles, of Counts, Barons etc., that were regularly recognised and registered by the Imperial Chancellery and of which the descendents are very proud even to this very day. For the first time all the documents that confirm the importance, even political, that continued even 300 years after the fall of Constantinople, of the Imperial Family Lascaris Paleologo, are repro苓uced, in dozens, in the monumental work of the Prof. lans, including the full recognition on behalf of the Emperor Carlo VI and his acceptance in the office of Protector of the Order, and the microfilms and photocopies are preserved in the Regional Archives of the Val d’ Aosta.

These documents naturally include even the recognition which Prince Gerolamo obtained in 1869,by the Heraldic Congregation of the Senate of Rome, during the reign of Pio IX, as well as the Dynastic Testament dated 6 August 1874 by which the heir of the men負ioned Prince Giovanni Antonio, that bore the same name, renounced to all his rights which transmitted to his Cousin Prince Gerolamo de Vigo Aleramico Lascaris Paleologo, great grandfather of the present Head of the Dynasty, Prince Enrico III.

We would add that from this book “Des Anges et de St. Georges” the Author has then taken an enthralling romance, “V Heritage de Byzance”, edited by Musumeci, in which it is shown with greater detail the personalities and time in which these historical facts ,mentioned above ,took place.

The Val d’ Aosta and Italy are today proud, and they have a very good reason, to num苑er among its adopted citizens, Prof. Marthe Jans, who undoubtedly is a great personality.