In the week of the 12th of July 2016 Princess Paleologo visited a loyal Member from Helsinki, Finland : – Baroness Hilkka Kinnunen

Princess Paleologo has returned from Finland after visiting a loyal Member of the Order: DAME HILKKA KINNUNEN,  Baroness des Rosiers, Member of the Imperial Orthodox Byzantine Order of Saint George and the Order of the Cross of Constantinople.   A great entertainment  Concert :  Tango Roi Amadeus Lundberg was given in honour of H.I.H. Princess Françoise de Vigo Paleologo, after which the Baroness Hilkka invited the Princess to visit the Orthodox Chapel in the Manor, to view an exhibition of the Earth’s Manor cultural  well-known artists Arponen and Ritva Sirpa Novaste Koivistoinen. All was grandiose!