Grand Statute of the Order (OCC) (En)

THE STATUTE in English




Dynastic the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of the Cross of Constantinople , also called the Order of Constantinople, and a Dynastic Order of Giurispatronato and collation of the Imperial and Royal House De Vigo Aleramico Palaeologus , whose head and arms to assume the Grand Mastership hereditary right with the title of Crown Prince Grand Master General .

 Article 2

The general principle is Hereditary Grand Master With this function with the civil authorities , political, military , administrative and religious and all the States and exercise all the powers conferred on him by the traditions and statutes .

Article 3

PGeneral principles Hereditary Grand Master , may delegate all or part of your powers as needed organizational Order.

Article 4

See the Order and at the residence , even temporary, of the Crown Prince General Grand Master .

Article 5

The main aims of the Order are: the propagation of the Christian Faith in the World , the spread of the Cult of Saint Catherine of Bologna, his heavenly patroness, the aid to widows , orphans , the disabled, the sick , the outcasts and the ‘ help the oppressed for the triumph of legality and justice according to the noble principles of Christian chivalry , always the first in faith, courage, honesty , generosity and nell’altraruismo .

Article 6

The Order promotes and encourages cultural activities , philanthropic , educational and sporting institutions making use of it by employees, such as The UNIVERSITE ‘ International, the Centre International de scientifiques RICHERCHES ARTISTIQUES ET L’ Ordre des Petits Chevaliers du Monde, La Croix d’ OR , THE LEGION CRUSADE AND ALL THOSE OTHER that the Crown Prince and Grand Master General considers to be appropriate .

Article 7

The Hereditary Prince Grand Master General and Chief of the law said institutions , which have special regulations as being subject to prenominati .

Article 8

Since both institutions 0rdine that employees have become more and more international, extending all over the world, and was granted recognition by the Intenational juridiction of Tangier and the related statutes filed with the Governor of the Province of Tangier ( AMALAT ) Kingdom of Morocco, on March 14, 1957 with no 3507 and at the Prosecutor of the juridiction INTERNATIONAL May 4, 1957 with no 10

Article 9

The Order and its institutions adhere to the UN ( United Nations ) , all’UNESCU and the International Red Cross in quality Ill international non-governmental organizations (NGOs ) .



Article 10

 The Order despite being impartial , nonpolitical , nonsectarian and does not admit in her bosom those who declare themselves atheists or belong to subversive organizations .

Article 11

The Prince Grand Master General of His absolute discretion, may admit Order people of both sexes , they chce twenty years and that they are to be regarded as deserving for him morality , merit and condiziolli sociaIi , indipendentemcnte race and religion professed .

Article 12

Except in cases of transfer of Silence Just the general principle of Hereditary Grand Master , candidates must submit to the Office of the Grand Magisterium an application signed by them , with the signature notarized , and accompanied by the prescribed fee and documents proving their moralits , their merits and their social status .

Article 13

Applications will not be rectified within six months dahlia presentation should be considered rejected , without the need MTIV rejection, and the fee paid will be returned to the aspirant that can not make any claims .

Article 14

The admission fees for the various grades will stabilile by decree of the General Grand Master of the Crown Prince and may vary from countries where the transfer will occur . The Crown Prince General Grand Master , grant exemptions or reductions .

Article 15

Signing the application form that automatically includes the following oath :


 Article 16

Aspiring and the outstanding expressly waive any claim or legal action against With this function and your Crown Prince Grand Master General , agreeing to submit any dispute to the court of the Supreme Court deIl’Ordine .

Article 17

All the outstanding will receive a diploma signed by the Crown Prince General Grand Master , accompanied by the Great Seal Cleaning Order.

Article 18

And ‘ no obligation on the decorations awarded to purchase and the uniform of his rank .

Article 19

The Hereditary Prince Grand Master General and the Chief Executive and uncontrollable heritage of the Order unless otherwise adopted by him with the Grand Master of the Decree .


Dignitaries and fora

Article 20

The Prince Grand Master General Eredittario may be assisted in the performance of your high duties by a Supreme Council of purely advisory , appointed to the various personalities of your choice , at least awarded the Grand Cross , including appoint of the GRAND Chancellor; The Great Referendary;The Great Keeper;The Grand Treasurer; The Grand National; The Grand Secretary and Great Confalone.

Article 21

The spiritual care of the Christian Religion and decorated by a Grand Prior ensured that must be either a bishop or a cardinal of S. R. C. and an Abbess General , who will always ‘ Abbess “pro tempore ” of the Monastery of Corpus of Bologna, where he keeps miraculously incorrupt body of St. Catherine and flexible Bologna Heavenly Patron of the Order . Both the Grand Prior , which will be part of the Abbess General Law of the Supreme Council.

Article 22

The Ordinc rapresented can be in different countries by a Lieutenant Grand Master appointed by the Crown Prince Generalc and Regional Delegates , Provincial and Municipal appointed by the Lieutenant consent of the Crown Prince General Grand Master . Special regolamcnti or decrees of the General Grand Master of the Crown Prince , will regulate the functioning of these peripheral organs Order.

Article 23

The Supreme Court of the Order of five judges appointed by the Crown Prince Grand Master General and chaired by the Chief Justice of the Order, will examine the cases referred to .16 , the suits against members of the Order and will propose to the Prince Grand Master General Crown , which will have the finnle trial and the right of Grace , the punishment to be imposed .

These punishments may include , depending on the grnvita facts : – 

  1. a) censorship;

b ) the suspension fixed ;


The expulsion can not claim any refund of amounts paid for taxes or otherwise.

The Hereditary Prince Grand Master General may by the decree regulating the operation of the Supreme Court, subject to the principle that every allegation must be notified in writing to the judge , who for a period not less than 30 days to appear before the Supreme Court where that can be justified and defend himself in person .  



Article 24

Given that the order is placed soto the Heavenly Patronage of St. Catherine of Bologna, the solemnity and official holidays are: –

  1. a) The feast of St. Catherine of Bologna ( March 9 ) ;

b ) The feast of Saint Rita of Cascia ( May 22 ) ;

c ) The feast of St. Anthony of Padua ( June 13th ) ;

d ) The feast of Saint Lucia from Syracuse ( Dec. 13 ) ;

  1. e) the birthday and name day of the Supreme Pontiff.




Article 25

During the various ceremonies and the solemn inauguration of the newly awarded will observe the requirements dall’opposito regulation.




Article 26

The Order is divided , for the two sexes in the following degrees are awarded sole opinion of the Crown Prince General Grand Master :


Official Knight


Grand Officer

Grand Cross

Lady Va Class

Dame Class IVa

Dame Class IIIa

Dame Class IIa

Lady of class Ia

The Crown Prince General Grand Master may grant inoItre Grade Grand Collar or great lady , only 25 received it, which gives the Nobility and a personal right to belong to the category of Justice.

He can give inoItre , exceptionally , in the category of Magistral Grace , the degree of ” Meritorious KNIGHT OF THE WORKPLACE ” reserved for those who in his opinion it will be worthwhile , for having distinguished themselves in industrial , commercial, financial, agricultural or professions.

The three categories namely: JUSTICE – Honour and Devotion – Magistral Grace . The first category is reserved for those which provide proof of aristocratic descent on the paternal surname of at least 400 years while the second allowed the Nobles of more recent date.

The appointment to a higher grade implicitly that of lower grades.

The Crown Prince General Grand Master granting promotion to those deemed worthy by Him and for His special concession and the Grade of Grand Cross of Commander can also be hereditary transmissibility in line with primogeniale masculine , unless otherwise provided by decree of Grand Master


Crest Banner

Article 27

The emblem of the Order and a red shield with gold Greek cross , aside from four Greek letters B , pure gold , huddled together. All under the pavilion of red velvet ermine soppannato by , driving by a royal crown . This steroma Iigura in degrees , in the banner and the Great Seal .

Article 28

The Banner and the Order consists of a cloth of white silk , the coat of arms uploaded described in ‘ Section 27 and blue tie .

Article 29

1l Order color is blue .



Article 30

 The category of Justice has the cross surmounted by two golden swords , polished, cross , supporting the royal crown of gold;

The category of Honour and Devotion, has a cross surmounted by the Crown of gold;

The category of Magistral Grace has a cross surmounted by the Crown Silver ;

The Knight of the Cross hanging on the door Nasr, on the right chest ;

The Official Knight the same plus a washer on the tape ;

The item is the Commander Cross pendant around his neck ;

The Grand Officer in addition to the cross hanging around his neck , leads the Order on the left side shield plate mounted on a 4- point, which is gilded and polished to the category of Justice; gold for that of Honour and Devotion , silver for of Magistral Grace ;

The Knight Grand Cross of the plate goes to 8 bits deseritta like the one above , in addition to the blue sash of the Order, from right to left shoulder , ending in a node with a cross hanging like the Commanders ;

Grand Collar has a collar made from tapes of gold enamelled blue alternately loaded from a B and a Greek Crown , both gold . From the collar hangs a cross Commentori equal to that of Justice, while the insignia of the Grand Cross of the same class with relative plate are worn on the left side ;

The lady of class should carry the cross hanging on the tape on his left shoulder ;

The lady of class IVa shows a cross hanging on the tape, uploaded by a rosette on the left shoulder ;

The lady of class IIIa door Ia cross hanging on a node on the left shoulder ;

The lady of class IIa bears the cross as that of class IIIa and a plaque to four points, charged on the left side of the shield of the Order ;

The lady of class Ia door plaque to 8 points equally to preceding and the end of the Order, from right to left shoulder , ending in a node with the cross hanging equal to that of Class IIIa ;

Great lady wearing the collar and the plate and insignia of the lady of class Ia .

The metals and enameling of signs of the Ladies are equal to those of the three categories of the Knights ;

The washer for the category of Justice and made from the tape with two crossed swords in gold, polished for riders ;

the swords like the previous and surmounted by a crown of gold for the Knights Officers ;

from the cross surmounted by the swords of bright gold and the Crown Royal The Commanders ;

Cross with swords and crown plate on four points, gold and diamonds for the great officers ;

Cross with Crown on his sword and plaque at 8 punle , gilded and polished for the Knights Grand Cross ;

to teach the same precedent with the edge of the washer , loaded by a necklace of gold embroidery for Great Dog ,

The washer for the category of Honour and Devotion and loaded from a tape made by Royal Crown Golden Knights ;

a golden crown placed on a horizontal sword Golden Knights Officers ;

from the cross surmounted by a crown of gold for Commanders ;

from the cross with a crown on a golden plate 4 tips for Grand Officer ;

from the cross with a crown on a golden plate in 8 points for the Knights Grand Cross ;

The washer for the category of Magistral Grace and made the tape simply for the Knights ;

 uploaded by a silver crown for the Knights Officers ;

 from the cross surmounted by a crown of silver for Commanders ;

from the cross with crown on a silver plate to 4 bits of pure silver, the great officers ;

from the cross with crown of silver on plaeca to 8 bits , silver . to the Knights of Great Crocco

The Ladies of the three categorical is the same rosette of the Knights. 

Article 31

The insignia of the Knights of Labor and praiseworthy in the Cross of the Knight of Magistral Grace on tape with applied enameled laurel wreath . The rosette formed by the blue ribbon loaded by a laurel crown enamel. 

Article 32

The coat of the Online and white velvet collar and blue and loaded on the shoulder sinislra the Cross of the Order .

The ‘ uniform consists of a hood and double breasted jacket with blue buttons loaded from the arms of the Order , in gold for the category of Justice, Onorc and Devotion ; silver for the category of Magistral Grace .

The straps are the military france gold or silver , depending on the category , and a button to the coat of arms in enamel.

The collar and rigid , closed to the military , with underlying white bears two emblems of the Order and is bordered by a Category Frise .

The cuffs are white for the Category of Justice, Honour and Devotion, blacks for the Category of Magistral Grace .

The sleeves bear many threads as there are degrees covered in the Order, gold and silver according to Category .

The trousers are of white cloth and soltostaffa band with gold or silver .

The belt of gold or silver , depending on the category , and bears the emblem of the Order on the clip .

The felucca and pieghevoIe , black with silver or gold braid and white feathers on cataegoria of Justice and black for the category of Honour and Devotion.

The felucca bears a blue cockade with silver or gold buttons , for each category , and with so many loops in gold or silver, as there are degrees.

The sword , wearing the belt hanging on the left side, and two Taghi , with a cross hilt and pommel with ivory grips for the Category of Justice; ebony black pearl category of Honour and Devotion of iron and burnished by category of Magistral Grace .

The black leather sheath with metal tip .

The metal hilt and tip of the sheath are of gold or silver according to categories .

The spurs are pure gold or silver and ports with patent leather boots .



Article 33

This constitution can be amended only by the Crown Prince General Grand Master with his decree.

 Article 34

These statutes consistent with those previously in force with the addition of the above, article 8 were protmulgati with Grand Master of the Decree dated 22 May 1957 . Hereditary Prince Grand Master General Henry III