Courts of Italy

REPUBLIC OF ITALY – 31st October 1961 ­


Verdict of the Judge of Floridia, dr.Marco di Marco, ‘recognizing that “ Prince Henri’s late Father ,Prince Cesare,had the right of Marchional Sovereignity in Montferrat (Italy) Royal Sovereignity in Thessaly (Greece) and Imperial Soverignity in Constantinople with hereditary succession in perpetuity and the descendants of this Family have never lost the prerogative of the fons honorum and consequently of the jus honorum with the right to confer honours appertaining to Family Dynastic Orders”

 And on 24th March 1964­

 Verdict of the Judge of Syracuse, dr. G.Faranda , recognizing that;

“to Prince Henri, legitimate and only son of the late Prince Cesare, are transmitted ,jure sanguinis, the dynastic prerogatives already belonging to his parent, including the authority to bestow Titles and Honours “