Our Imperial Hereditary Grand Master Prince Henri Paleologo and Princess Françoise attended our Gala and Investiture Ceremony organized in Tarragona, Spain, by our Commandery of Salomo, during which the Prince dubbed or promoted nine of our Knights and Dames.


Again it was a marvellous festivity and everybody enjoyed the welcome dinner, as well as the trip to Port Aventura and of course the Ceremony itself, followed by a wonderful reception and a very elegant Gala-Dinner with some very special attractions as always. A lot of new Friends, Members and Guests from all over the world where present.


Commander Sir David W. Trimble did read a message of our very good friend Baron Richard Lawrence of Syracuse who was with us some 15 years ago when was officially inaugurated the new Commandery of Salomo and he represented the previous Grand Master of the Mystical Order of St.Peter, the late Prince George King de Santorini.

Our Commander Sir Oswald Woorbraeck was appointed last year as Deputy Grand Chancellor and our Secretary, Knight Commander Sir Wim Pichal received a promotion from our Grand Master H.I.R.H.Prince Henri Paleologo as Delegate for Spain of the Sovereign Military Dynastic Order of the Cross of Constantinople in recognition of his continued work for our Order and the Commandery of Salomo and Dame Maria Theresa received the Diploma of Dame as announced last year. The different good contacts made between the participants where proved by some new proposals for activities and Conventions.

Our Secretary who was also Master of Ceremony, thanked specialty three of our Members for their help: Sir Juan Mestre, Sir J.M. Roig and Dame Dalmau. After a closing Ball  during which we had again the great pleasure to admire the wonderful voice and the dancing talent of our USA delegate Lady Arlene Kieta  everybody was  very happy  and they all were asking “when and where shall we have next year a similar important and beautiful event?